Graduate Trainees

Majo Delgadillo
Majo Delgadillo

Student Artist-in-Residence IUCRC BRAIN Center
Doctoral Graduate Student, Creative Writing

María José (Majo) Delgadillo, MFA in Writing (UCSD) and Doctoral Student at UH Creative Writing Program is the 2019 Student Artist-in-Residence in Neuroaesthetics at the NSF IUCRC BRAIN Center (
Majo asks the questions: Can moments of creativity be recorded? Is there a difference as to how bilingual bodies relate to language? Is there something universal in creation? What is writing and how does it happen? She answers these questions in her project, 'El cuerpo es otro (The Body is Other)'. As a writer and translator these questions began with the act of trying to bring together the two worlds she inhabits as a bilingual writer. Her very first idea is to track how our bodies signified the difference (if they did): in languages, in creative processes, in emotions.