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Geraldina Interiano Wise
Geraldina Interiano Wise

Performance and Visual Artist
Co-Chair, Public Art Committee, Buffalo Bayou Partnership
Advisory Board, Arte Publico Press, UH

Geraldina Interiano Wise discovered art at a young age in her native El Salvador under the tutelage of a protégé of Diego Rivera. A graduate from Rice University in Architecture/Art/Art History, she is now a dedicated artist, in the realm of Abstract Expressionism and Performance Art. Her artist’s voice comes deep from the intellectual patrimony of her Maya ancestry, rooted in the dynamic ethnography and science of Houston and the world. Her overarching themes are coexistence and connectivity.

Using house paints the colors of the ancient pigments used by man to express their view since the hand stencils cave paintings at Sulawesi, indigo pigment sourced from ancient seed in El Salvador, applied with household cleaning tools as an ode to her fellow Latino working people, she paints a story of understanding for all mankind.